10 proven ways to urgently take money right now

February 1, 2023 0

10 proven ways to urgently take money right now – 7 for those who need funds urgently and 3 for those who are looking for where to borrow money without interest. And we’ll tell you how to act, it’s definitely not worth it. Financial troubles pop up suddenly. Sometimes you need a large amount, but there is time to collect it. And sometimes funds are required here and now – and preferably without crazy overpayments. If you need a quick solution and don’t feel like reading the article, get up to 30,000 at 0% in 15 minutes at MoneyMan.

10 proven ways to urgently take money right now

10 proven ways to urgently take money right now

1 Apply for a microloan. The fastest and easiest option. The amounts are small (usually up to 30 thousand rubles), but without unnecessary questions, documents and expectations. We need passport data, any device with the Internet, a phone and five minutes. Most MFIs are not interested in the presence of other debts, delinquency, and other things. So for those looking to borrow money with bad credit, microcredit organizations can be a great option.

2 Contact the bank. If we are talking about hundreds of thousands or even millions, you should think about consumer credit. Fortunately, there are organizations that are ready to approve and issue funds in 1 day.

3 Take on bail car. Some companies offer loans secured by title. An obvious plus – in addition to the car, you will not need any income certificates or other confirmation of financial solvency. And the credit history of creditors will not be of interest. Minus – in a fairly high interest rate (compared to banks). But the car remains completely at your disposal, and the requested funds are transferred within 24 hours.

4 Sell unnecessary on Avito. There must have been a lot of unnecessary things on the shelves. Free up space and earn money by listing these items for sale. Just check prices beforehand so you don’t charge too much and take good pictures. Many lots with Avito fly away in just 1 – 2 days.

5 Hand over valuables to a pawnshop. It is still a working option, although there are much fewer pawnshops compared to the early 2000s. It is only necessary to remember that far from any values are accepted (some companies deal only with gold and precious stones, even silver is no longer quoted). In addition, the thing will have to be pawned much cheaper than the real value, and if you don’t buy it on time, you will part forever.

6 Earn on the Internet. There are now a lot of services on the network that allow you to get some money for fairly simple tasks – for example, leave a review or take a paid survey. Earnings are small, but if an amount of up to 1 – 2 thousand rubles is needed urgently, this is quite a way out.

7 Become a donor. Quite decent money is paid for blood donation – from 500 to 1500 rubles. For the components of the gem material, you can even get up to 3500 rubles. You just need to remember that blood is taken from ideally healthy people, and for a certain period before the donation, you can neither drink nor smoke. There are certain dietary restrictions. In addition, cash incentives vary by region. Yes, and too often to go through this procedure will not work.

8 Borrow from friends/relatives. It would seem the easiest way. However, there are also a couple of downsides. First, people may not have the required amount. Secondly, it is not psychologically convenient for everyone to inform loved ones about their problems. In addition, if this option is real, it is usually used the very first and there is no need to look for where to borrow money.

9 Get a loan at 0%. Yes, this really happens. Some credit organizations, in order to attract customers, offer to issue a first loan without interest.

10 Borrow at work. Frankly, a rather controversial possibility. But in a hopeless situation, any solution deserves attention. The advantage is that with a 99% probability you will return as much as you borrowed. The downside is that, with rare exceptions, the financial situation at work is usually the same for everyone. And if you have money problems, your colleagues most likely do too. Many are looking for where to borrow money against a receipt, because it seems that it is easier and more reliable than in a bank, where they “deceive and generally refuse.” In fact, 90% of fraudulent schemes revolve in this area. Private lenders often charge much higher interest rates than bank ones, and, having received borrowers’ data, they can use them for fraud.

Casino. Advertising about “how to raise the dough” is still broadcasting from hundreds of sites. But in reality, it is impossible to make money on this method. Whatever tricky systems are used, believe me – only the casino always wins. There are a lot of tricks and you can’t prove anything.

Binary options. They are regularly presented as a simplified trading format, but in reality they are still the same casino format. Even if you manage to find 1 – 2 honest brokers (who will not play with quotes), the chance of losing everything is 99.99%. Forecasting the exchange rate is the same profession as a doctor. You wouldn’t undertake heart surgery just because you roughly understand how a scalpel cuts?

Use proven and reliable methods, study the materials on the links above, and you will definitely find where to borrow money without risks and huge overpayments.