After that, Philip Kirkorov’s songs were banned in Russia!

May 21, 2023 0

It’s no secret that the pop king of Russian pop is now at the peak of his popularity. The singer never complained about the attention from the audience, but after the release of his composition “Mood Color Blue” and a provocative clip for this song, the artist soared high and his ratings flew up with him. The same can be said about TV presenter Olga Buzova, who began her creative career after her divorce from her husband.

After that, Philip Kirkorov's songs were banned in Russia!

No one expected that a girl singing to a soundtrack would make people cry with happiness and smile with her. In a word, the collaboration of Kirkorov and Buzov is very provocative and mega-popular at the moment. A few days ago, a list of songs by Russian pop artists that are banned from listening in children’s camps appeared on social networks. It is not surprising that Kirkorov’s compositions were also on this list. Despite the fact that Buzova and Kirkorov’s clips beat all ratings, not everyone likes their work.

For example, in the Nizhny Novgorod camp, they flatly refused celebrity tracks. The head of the children’s camp noted that Kirkorov’s songs contain unacceptable vocabulary, propaganda of antisocial behavior, plus, there is an open propaganda of alcohol and drugs. The director of the camp is sure that it is necessary to protect teenagers from the destructive effects of such compositions.