Agutin and Varum committed suicide

January 20, 2023 0

Popular domestic performer Leonid Agutin commented on the announcement of the termination of the strongest musical marriage with his wife Anzhelika Varum. The other day, news appeared in the media that the singer had a romantic relationship with aspiring artist Alina Benediktova and the star marriage was coming to an end.

Агутин и Варум покончили друг с другом

On this occasion, Angelica wrote and published on her page the author’s poem “Leaving, go away.” Leonid said in a blog that he was tired of the constant control and suspicions of his wife. He wants simple human happiness and therefore he found for himself a not spoiled bride. After the divorce, he will leave all the property, except for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 car, to Angelica.