Alla Pugacheva shared her own recipe for a delicious cake

January 6, 2023 0

Few people know that Alla Borisovna Pugacheva is not only a talented singer, but also an excellent cook. She recently demonstrated this publicly. The star shared a recipe for a chocolate cake, which she has been preparing for her family for years. By the way, Maxim Galkin and little Harry and Lisa are delighted with their mother’s cooking. The singer showed by her own example how to cook a culinary masterpiece in just 30 minutes.

Alla Pugacheva shared her own recipe for a delicious cake

So, for the perfect cake from Alla Pugacheva you will need: ordinary chocolate, the most delicious walnuts, natural butter, powdered sugar, large homemade eggs, cream and a pinch of sea salt. To begin with, Pugacheva preheats the oven, finely grinds the nuts, carefully separates the yolks from the proteins, after which the proteins are sent to the refrigerator.

A small nuance from the prima donna: chocolate must be melted in a water bath. Then, according to the star recipe, you need to beat the butter with powdered sugar, add the yolks, walnuts, chocolate and a pinch of salt to the same mixture. Beat the cooled egg whites until foamy. After that, grease the baking dish and put the dough into it. It remains the case for small things, according to the Pugacheva cake, you need to bake no more than 35 minutes and the masterpiece is already on your table.

None of the celebrity fans had guessed before that Alla Borisovna cooks so well. Recall that the singer herself is on a strict diet, but she does not forget to please her beloved household members with delicious cooking.