Alsou’s husband turned out to be a real tyrant

February 14, 2023 0

The famous and successful Russian pop singer, People’s Artist of Russia Alsu is now actively touring the country with her new show program. Recall that the celebrity recently came out of the decree and is now ready to achieve new heights with renewed vigor. Despite the long break, the singer is in excellent stage form. Star friends and relatives support the artist, admiring her talents. But her husband, businessman Yan Abramov, does not show the same enthusiasm and is extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the singer is now again devoting the lion’s share of her time to creativity, and not to her family.

However, the singer herself says that for her this fact is a real surprise. After all, the acquaintance of the spouses happened precisely through music. In addition, Jan is a true professional in this field and even composes music himself from time to time. That is why the celebrity is now at a loss from the claims of her husband. The singer admits that Jan, as such, does not like scandals, but she is mentally testing the artist. But, nevertheless, in spite of everything, the singer is not going to turn off the intended path and is going to burst onto the big stage again.