Beggars on the Internet

November 13, 2022 0

How to distinguish a request for help from fraudsters?

In continuation of the rubric of our site Internet Fraud, let’s talk about another topic of fraud on the Internet Beggars on the Internet. Today, material assistance is requested not only on the street, but also on the Internet, where the Beggars on the Internet have also become active under the guise of charitable foundations, startups and simple needy people.

Beggars on the Internet

Where on the Internet you can ask for money for help?

1. In charitable organizations.

Of course, not all applicants are honest. But if we talk about the right companies, they carefully check every request for help and only distribute information about those who really need it. Other people will learn about a hopeless situation from ads on the subway or on billboards, from the media or on the same Internet.

2. On special online platforms.

Anyone can place ads on these sites, which often do not even pass moderation. The advantages of such media is that under each ad you can leave feedback about the user. The sites have forums where, in case of suspicion, you can expose a fraudster. Those convicted of false information are sent to the ban.

3. Platforms for collecting money for any projects.

These are mainly crowdfunding platforms, where everyone has the right to organize a fundraising for anything: a startup, a book publication, and, of course, help to those in need. At such sites control the collection and expenditure of money. What a huge plus – to test the appropriateness of the use of funds can anyone who donated the amount.
Where are the beggars on the Internet? Answer: in all three of the above places. Plus – social networks and instant messengers. Most often for the request are used three schemes. They are quite simple and already known to all – but the gullible victims are constantly found – Breaking into the page, favorable offer, Unsuccessful acquaintance.