Fashion mayhem: Maxim Galkin again shocked with a new hairstyle

May 8, 2023 0

The famous TV presenter, bright parodist and the main humorist of the country Maxim Galkin is one of the most talented Russian artists. Galkin never ceases to amaze the public with his shocking statements and unexpected transformations. It’s no secret that the TV presenter likes to intrigue the public, this time Galkin published a new photo in his Instagram profile, where he showed Internet users his new hairstyle, which caused a storm of emotions and universal admiration.

Fashion mayhem Maxim Galkin again shocked with a new hairstyle

It is known that Galkin likes to experiment with hair, what kind of changes in appearance have not been observed by Galkin’s fans for all the time of his creative activity. This time Maxim Galkin succumbed to fashion trends, decided to be on trend, so he gathered his hair in a ponytail. A fashionable haircut implies that the hair is long on top, and there are practically no hair on the sides. Thus, Maxim Galkin staged a fashion mayhem on the Web, fans of the artist are shocked, many fans claim that such hairstyles are now chosen by fashionable schoolchildren. Galkin, in turn, ironically asks the question: “What’s worse for me?”. In a word, the humorist once again distinguished himself.