Fraud on fake websites

November 13, 2022 0

Scammers around the world are regularly looking for new schemes for easy money mining. To do this, they come up with various ways of enrichment.

Fraud on fake websites

As a rule, on a fake website fraudsters offer users different things:

  • make a purchase of virtual gaming money;
  • transfer virtual currency in exchange for other values;
  • buy goods;
  • pay for services;
  • execute documents for a fee;
  • make payments on utility rates;
  • other services to choose from.

The result, as practice shows, is always one – either a person loses part of his money, or his card or e-wallet is completely reset. In some cases, deceived people on the Internet are faced with loans that are not made out. Fraudsters get all the information to enter e-wallets and cash money from cards.