How to resist the chaos of life?

November 11, 2022 0

One of the most popular modern philosophers, Jordan Peterson, wrote the book “12 rules of life”, which became a real bestseller in 2018. The book “12 rules of life” is an opportunity to find an antidote to frustration, an opportunity to relate to life easier, to get rid of cynicism and self-pity. To your attention these simple 12 rules:

How to resist the chaos of life

  • – straighten your shoulders (adjust yourself correctly, pay attention to how you present yourself)
  • – do not forget to take care of yourself
  • – be attentive to your surroundings communicate and be friends just with those who really wish you fine
  • – do not compare yourself with others, only with yourself
  • – educate your children correctly so that it is easier for them to integrate into society
  • – before you criticize, look at yourself and clean up your life
  • – do the right thing
  • – try to always tell the truth and not lie
  • – listen to others, maybe they know what you are not
  • – words play a huge role in our lives, watch your speech
  • – leave teenagers alone with their skateboards
  • – stroke the street cat