Igor Nikolaev threatens his fat wife

December 29, 2022 0

Composer and singer Igor Nikolaev made sharp remarks to his wife, singer Yulia Proskuryakova, about her appearance, outfits and image. The singer does not like that his wife stopped taking care of herself properly, which made her gain weight.

Игорь Николаев угрожает своей толстой жене

And the clothes and stage outfits of the singer cause only laughter. Nikolaev set a condition for his wife: if she does not change her attitude towards the family and the stage, then he will leave her. Also, Igor’s friends advised him to talk with Julia about her appearance and wardrobe. They advised her to start taking care of herself and eating right. The singer promised Igor that next week she would start attending fitness, change her diet and completely renew her wardrobe. We look at the photo of Igor and the plump Yulia.