Interesting facts about food, and which you did not even know

January 2, 2023 0

It is known that food is a part of our life, a necessary and contented pleasant part. We invite you to learn about what you eat some useful and curious facts. So, have you ever wondered how kissing came about? Who invented them? Interestingly, the appearance of kisses is directly related to food. The fact is that in ancient times, mothers chewed food to feed their babies and passed food to them, and this is how the kiss arose.

Interesting facts about food, and which you did not even know

The biggest dish in the history of mankind is a fried camel. Unbelievable but true. Many people still believe that bananas grow on a tree, but this is misleading because bananas grow on giant grass. In the Middle Ages, milk was an incredible luxury, because people simply did not know how to keep it for a long time. The Arabs first invented caramel, but not for eating it, but for depilation. In ancient times, it was believed that lemon juice could dissolve a fish bone stuck in the throat, which is why the fish was served with a slice of lemon. The main sign of the attractiveness of food is its smell, not its appearance. We are used to decorating the finished dish with sprigs of dill or parsley.

This decision has been taking place since ancient Rome, when a sprig of parsley was associated with the devil and was considered an antidote when sent. You won’t believe it, but the red or orange carrots we once used to were purple. 90% of people constantly eat insects, no matter how sad it may sound. Have you ever wondered why the gummies you love are so shiny?

The answer will surprise you very much, the brilliance of marmalade is obtained due to the secretions of various beetles. And the last useful fact about food, if you woke up and realized that you didn’t get enough sleep and would immediately fall back into bed, eat an apple, and you will be surprised how drowsiness will be removed like a hand.