Jennifer Lopez’ fiance put her in an unsightly light

January 1, 2023 0

The dazzling beauty and one of the most famous Hollywood film stars, as well as the famous singer Jennifer Lopez, is constantly in the center of attention of journalists and paparazzi. Now the artist is dating a brutal man Alex Rodriguez. By the way, the beloved, apparently, everything is serious, because recently J. Lo lit up an engagement ring. In a word, in the life of Jennifer Lopez is now a white streak and she is happy with what is happening.

Jennifer Lopez' fiance put her in an unsightly light

The actress is actively engaged in the gym and has already managed to find a gorgeous figure, now every appearance of a star is accompanied by admiring reviews. However, this time, the singer appeared in an unsightly light and the reason for this was that the unsuccessful photos of J. Lo were published by her lover. Apparently, he did not think that the fat folds on the back and stomach would not adorn his bride. Alex Rodriguez posted photos with J. Lo, in which she demonstrated a chic outfit that completely fits her body.

A light turtleneck and a plaid pencil skirt, of course, made the image of a celebrity unforgettable. However, an unsuccessful angle will make fans of the star admire not only the artist’s bold image, but also the folds on her stomach and back. But, nevertheless, among the fans of the celebrity were those who stood up for the star and noted that in this situation, these folds can be observed in any person.