Johnny Depp got his hands up again

December 8, 2022 0

The famous Hollywood bachelor, wonderful and talented actor Johnny Depp is often accused of not being able to restrain outbursts of aggression towards others. Recall that it was the physical abuse of ex-wife Amber Heard that served as the reason for the divorce of the star couple. Now again, Johnny Depp is going to be sued for beating. A crew member wants to sue an actor who, according to Gregg Brooks, beat him to a pulp, and all because he could not stand criticism in his address.

Johnny Depp

Apparently, as the old saying goes, trouble never comes alone, Depp’s life really isn’t the best time. Relatively recently, Depp was forgiven for the scandal with the beating of his ex-wife, as it immediately turns out that Depp is on the verge of bankruptcy. The actor skipped all the money and spent on unnecessary things and real estate. Now the actor has to sell everything in order to survive.

Plus, Depp is facing a rather large compensation for beating a film crew employee who intends to get the most out of this case. Brooks also claims that after the beating, the actor morally pressured him and threatened him not to file a lawsuit. Fans of the artist are shocked, because indeed, this is not the first time the actor has been accused of using physical force.

So, his ex-wife Amber Heard says that Depp beat her, and took pictures of the beatings and showed them to his followers. Johnny Depp himself admits that as a child he was often beaten by his mother, perhaps it is because of a childhood injury that the artist cannot cope with aggression.