Kills in seconds: a revolutionary cancer treatment has been found

November 13, 2022 0

A new revolutionary method of radiation therapy has been found, which will significantly shorten the time of irradiation of cancer tumors. It was invented by specialists at Stanford University. According to them, the new method is capable of killing cancer in seconds, according to Details.

Kills in seconds a revolutionary cancer treatment has been found

It was named PHASER, which was based on high-energy physics. The use of this type of radiation therapy will allow patients to undergo only 2-3 sessions of radiation therapy, while the session itself will last a few seconds. Currently, in the treatment of cancer, patients spend under irradiation for several minutes. “The new method of radiation therapy allows not only to reduce the time of treatment, but also eliminates the possible side effects from this type of therapy,” the project authors explained. The new technique provides a very accurate beam action without killing healthy cells adjacent to cancer cells.