Kirkorov will be stripped of the title of People’s Artist

March 1, 2023 0

As you know, the new shocking and extremely popular clip of Philip Kirkorov for the song “The color of the mood is blue” is gaining momentum on the web, an unrealistic number of views, speaking the slang of modern youth, Kirkorov did not “hype” on this story. The petition addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin was created on the initiative of a resident of Tyumen Anton Tikhonov.

Kirkorov will be stripped of the title of People's Artist

According to Anton, the video contains direct propaganda of antisocial actions, which contradicts the moral consciousness of the public. According to the creator of the petition, Kirkorov undermined his authority among Russian pop artists with such a weekend and did not appear in the best light in front of his fans. That is why, Anton believes, the creation of an immoral video can in no way correspond to the title of “People’s Artist of Russia”.