Lolita showed a gorgeous mansion in Bulgaria

April 10, 2023 0

A famous Russian pop singer, an outrageous TV personality and one of the most outspoken and honest stars of modern pop, Lolita decided to lift the veil of her life and shared with fans the shots of her luxurious home in Bulgaria. It may be hard to believe, but the celebrity is celebrating his 55th birthday this year.

Now the artist is touring the country, is engaged in creativity, in a word, devotes herself to music. It is not surprising that the singer has almost no time left for rest, because she is constantly on the move. However, as soon as the star has a free minute, she immediately flies to Bulgaria to relax and enjoy the views. After all, it was there a few years ago that the performer built her dream house. The artist calls the multi-storey spacious mansion her place of strength and energy.

There are several buildings on the territory of the house, and from the windows of the mansion you can admire the gorgeous scenery. In a word, the singer is resting body and soul in this house and gaining strength before busy working days. Fans appreciated the photos of the prestigious mansion and showered the artist with compliments and pleasant reviews. The star also admitted that she often decorates her house in Bulgaria with completely unsuitable decor elements, since after the tour she brings a lot of different things and even furniture, which make the singer’s house so unique and special.