Make-up that ages: how not to make mistakes?

March 30, 2023 0

Absolutely all women want to be beautiful and well-groomed, so they resort to using makeup every day. As a rule, makeup makes a woman more confident and emphasizes her face. However, inept application of makeup can cause mistakes that age the face. Today we will tell you how to avoid unsuccessful makeup. So, let’s start with choosing a lipstick. As you know, everyone’s favorite topical shades of lipstick, which include wine and plum, are not suitable for every girl.

Therefore, you need to be very careful in this matter. Note also that the main highlight of all makeup is properly designed eyebrows. By the way, if your eyebrows are darker than the shade of your hair, then it will noticeably make you older. Also, in order not to get into a mess, use as little powder or foundation as possible, because with a large amount of facial wrinkles will become even more noticeable and pronounced. A couple of three years you will be able to add incorrectly selected shadows, for example, sharp shimmering shades. It’s no secret that a woman still likes to let down the lower eyelid, but such machinations make your image older.