Pentagon leadership is furious about the deal between the Chinese and the Russians

April 6, 2023 0

American specialists of the US Air Force call the Russian Su-35 fighter jet, purchased by China, a brutal killer of Trump’s hawks and the cause of insomnia of the leadership of the US Air Force in the Asia-Pacific region. The 45 multifunctional fighters of the fifth generation purchased in the Russian Federation have reliably strengthened the capabilities of the PRC in the South China Sea zone and will fulfill their main purpose when Taiwan returns to China, which, in their opinion, was considered the ancestral territory of the Celestial Empire.

This purchase has exacerbated the growing fears of the Pentagon in connection with the possibility of conflict issues with China in this part of the world. Although, most likely, the Yankees are deliberately exaggerating the threats from the Chinese side in favor of their plans. It is clear that the Pentagon intends to increase military allocations to eliminate fictional threats. They also plan to increase their contingent in the Asia-Pacific region. The leaders in Washington understand that technology is developing in China and soon the army will compete with the US army. And then, together with their ally Russia, they will forever end American domination throughout the world.