Revenge: Larisa Dolina is mocked by conservationists

May 15, 2023 0

It’s no secret that the famous Russian pop singer Larisa Dolina has recently been in the spotlight of journalists and the media. Her creative successes and external changes cannot but cause admiration and universal delight. However, this time, the singer found herself in the spotlight because of a very unpleasant situation that happened to her. It is known that in the winter season, many celebrities of show business indulge themselves with chic fur coats made of natural fur.

Revenge Larisa Dolina is mocked by conservationists

However, this arrangement did not suit animal rights activists, they literally went berserk when they saw the new purchase of the artist. The star acquired a luxurious fur coat made of marten fur, after which a real war unfolded on the Web, the instigators of which were defenders of wildlife. The actress was criticized to the nines due to the fact that she does not want to wear a faux fur coat, while the star could save defenseless animals. The celebrity, without hesitation, decided to answer the haters. She admits that there is nothing wrong with wearing leather things, fur coats, after all, eating sausage and sausages.

The celebrity agrees that there are people who choose artificial fur coats to protect nature, while they eat meat and animal products, but there is nothing catastrophic in this, everyone has their own choice, it’s natural. Nevertheless, the annoyed fans of the famous singer remained of their opinion and showered the star with unflattering comments under the photo in a new fur coat.