The child prevents Dmitry Malikov from living as before

September 25, 2023 0

A well-known Russian performer, one of the brightest representatives of the domestic show business Dmitry Malikov is now more popular than ever, even despite the fact that he has not changed his hairstyle and repertoire for all the years of creative activity. The artist confidently says that everything is fine in his life now. Recall that in January Malikov became a father for the second time, a son Mark was born in the family.

The couple used the services of a surrogate mother, by the way, they did not hide it, as some celebrities are doing now. Malikov admitted that with the appearance of Mark, their lives have changed dramatically. He never thought that the whole world could revolve only around one baby, whom everyone insanely loves and protects. However, this is a fact, now Malikov spends all his free time with his son. Many friends of the artist noticed that Dmitry Malikov himself changed dramatically after the birth of his son, he became more attentive, sensitive and gentle. Now Malikov has thrown himself into the upbringing of his son and even refuses concerts. He argues that he does not want to miss the first steps and the first words of his son, wants to be near him.