The most famous person is a drug addict

November 13, 2022 0

Initially, interest in cocaine was medical. For the first time, Freud tried cocaine in 1884 and was struck by his action: the use of this substance cured him of depression, gave confidence. In the same year, a young scientist wrote an article “On Cocaine,” which strongly recommends using cocaine as a local anesthetic, as well as a cure for asthma, digestive disorders, depression, and neuroses.

The most famous person is a drug addict

The future father of psychoanalysis has published a number of articles about the properties of cocaine, which described in detail all the sensations caused by this substance. However, in recent works on this subject, he already wrote less enthusiastically about it. This is not surprising, because of the abuse of cocaine, Freud’s close friend Ernst von Fleishl died.

Confident that cocaine helps to eliminate morphine addiction, Freud undertook to treat his friend, who was very addicted to morphine. But the unexpected happened: addiction to morphine was replaced by addiction to cocaine, an overdose followed, and the patient died.

But back to Sigmund Freud. The scientist so sincerely believed in the “healing” properties of white powder, which allegedly helped him get rid of all his fears and complexes, as he himself was addicted to it. Freud managed to overcome the craving for a potion, but it took a lot of time and effort.