Why did Sergei Zverev renounce his son?

December 22, 2022 0

The famous and outrageous, talented and provocative stylist of modern show business Sergey Zverev is constantly in the center of public attention. The other day, the artist decided to comment on the situation with the conflict that arose with his son. As you know, Sergei Zverev refused to communicate with Zverev Jr. because of his daughter-in-law, who immediately did not like the stylist. Zverev’s son married a second time, but the newly-made bride did not immediately please Sergei Zverev, and he even refused to come to his son’s wedding.

Why did Sergei Zverev renounce his son

According to Sergei Zverev, his daughter-in-law is not as simple as it seems, and his dislike for the girl is not at all accidental. Shortly before the wedding of the young, Zverev found out information about the future daughter-in-law, which simply shocked him. As it turned out, Yulia has already managed to serve a criminal sentence in prison, plus the girl suffers from alcohol addiction. After Zverev told the whole truth to his son, he did not believe him, on the contrary, he decided to isolate himself from his father and blocked him in all social networks. Since then, the conflict between Sergei Zverev and his son has not been resolved.